Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Yeti, The Woman, The Gear

First up i had recently done a watercolor painting of a Yeti and a woman building a snow man, wanted to try something different and a little loose with watercolors, it was pretty fun especially since i haven't painted in water colors in months, plus snow is also tricky to paint since you can practically leave i white..

I found myself taking a trip down memory lane listening to old video game soundtracks to RPGs i use to play and missed, and low and behold Xenogears OST happened to be playing and i remembered how awesome that game was for playstation. For those who don't know what Xenogears is; It was a science fiction RPG created by squaresoft back in 1998, The main protagonist of the story was Fei Fong Wong, as Fei you travel along with a set of companions to uncover the truth behind the power struggle that plagues the world, as well as the truth behind who and what Fei really is, OH and you get to pilot giant robots known as gears. so i painted one in watercolor, the Red Gear known as Weltall-id, the game also dealt with alot of Freudian Psychology the id, the ego and super ego, but hey im not gonna spoil anymore if you haven't played it.
 -Ed out

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