Monday, October 22, 2012

Heroes, Dames, and the Dominatrix

Hello guys its been a while since i've posted thought id jump back in and post a few sketches that ive done recently, i've been drawing a lot of more women lately since i find that i have a harder time drawing them than men. I also went to Tr!ckster Friday night to do a signing for a book that i was a part of called "Ultraslyvania". while i was there they had a drawing workshop where the models dressed up like a Dominatrix pretty fun drawing id say. Lastly here are 2 drawings of The Imortal Iron Fist and the Red Hood, that i penciled and ink, want to color these sometime later in the week, and been debating on digital or traditional, and i figure why not both, makes for good practice as well.

- Ed out