Sunday, December 19, 2010

Work in progress

somewhere within the final weeks of class i found some time to start working on my comics portfolio and i decided to start with a Nightwing script, here is the 1st of 5 pages, more to come soon (as soon as i get an 11x17 scanner or when i go back to AAU) but here is it is hope you enjoy!

Ed out.

Watercolor final: Robin Hood

Here is my watercolor final i really enjoyed this class, all of my classes actually. i would love to continue practicing with this medium on m spare time which i'm sure to.

Clothed figure final

here is my clothed figure final since i had done a previous star wars idea i decided to continue with it

Mucha copy

This is an Alphonse mucha copy i did for class my eyes were bugging out trying to work on the upper torso with that coat i did enjoy drawing this though


why the term lobo? well lobo is the spanish term for wolf and when i showed my friend the picture he called it Los Lobos but anyways tell me what you think?

some drawings i did in clothed figure 2